Bankruptcy- Consumer

int_consumer_bankruptcyUnder the right circumstances, a bankruptcy filing may be the smartest economic move someone can make.  And that is all it is: an opportunity to rise out from the ashes of past debt service, to start fresh, to reorganize and restructure one’s debts.  The United States Bankruptcy Code offers several types of bankruptcy filings, most notably Chapters 7, 13, and 11.  Each chapter offers unique protections and opportunities for the right individual.    

The firm has represented hundreds of individuals through the bankruptcy process.  We have unique experience in all major chapters of bankruptcy – Chapters 7, 13, and 11. We tailor solutions to the particular needs of the client.  And, as exigencies require, we are prepared to handle emergency filings.  The firm has developed a unique expertise and is well-known for representing individual Debtors in consumer Chapter 11 reorganization cases.